[vol.2] May 2020

Gap & Pin Inspection of Junction Block

1. Background of introduction
K company that sells automotive parts, recently introduced PARMI’s Xceed(3D AOI) for “Gap Inspection of Junction Block”.

The reasons why Xceed was selected are as follows.
First, it makes possible to inspect accurately with high quality 3D data. Junction block gap inspection is known that it is difficult to obtain 3D images due to effect of shadows. However, Xceed uses its own laser scanning method to build 3D data.
Second, it is efficient economically/spatially. Existing contact inspection method requires additional equipment if the model changes, but contactless inspection of Xceed do not require those.

K company, which used contact inspection method, has introduced Xceed July 2019, and it is expected to introduce additionally to also overseas branches.


2. Gap Inspection
After “Fork Pin” is fitted, it is judged as defective if the distance between the pins become too narrow or wide by external factors. In general, inspection machine cannot obtain a 3D data of fork pin located below the height of junction block. But it is possible to generate complete 3D images through dual lasers of Xceed.

3. Pin Inspection
When inserting the connector into the junction block, defects may occur if the pin is warped or different in height. Through 2D & 3D inspection, Xceed obtains images with minimal noise. Also, it can inspect missing, height, offset and distance. Because defects are detected in advance, quality stability can be expected such as increased yield and reduced costs of production.

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