[vol.4] July 2020

On-the-fly Debugging

1. What is “On-the-fly Debugging”?
Sometimes, there are occasions that inline inspections should be stopped for debugging. Since this has a significant impact on the production yield rate, PARMI supports on-the-fly debugging. On-the-fly debugging is a function that debugging in Lane 1 of dual-lane machines does not affect Lane 2 in which the inspection is made.

2. Expected Effect
1) Improving production efficiency
: When a false call occurs, it is possible to debug in real time without affecting inspection of another lane and having idle time.
2) Reducing operating costs
: It maximizes the investment effect of dual-lane machine by improving the rate of operation.

3. Machine Type


PARMI’s Up to Date

1. AOIworks?
For user convenience, we have improved about some cases, including UI, and developed AI OCR inspection through deep learning to drastically reduce the incidence of false calls.

2. Window 10 Compatibility
All of PARMI’s machine has been improved to be compatible with windows 10, and Windows upgrade is supported for existing clients.

3. SW Bug Fix
The stability of the software has been improved by fixing bug cases.
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Website Renewal

PARMI opens a renewal of the official website for promote the core competitiveness of PARMI in the global market and expanding communication with customers.
The renewed official website reveals the expertise of PARMI, and we devoted to organizing menus for convenient use of visitors. First, customized solutions such as product/technology inquiry, technical service request, and download are provided through [Support Center] menu. In addition, it has been produced in five languages, △Korean △English △Chinese △Japanese △German making it convenient also for global users.
We will always do our best to satisfy customers.
※ Recommending connection via Chrome.