[vol.8] November 2020

Chip Component Teaching Automation

1.What is Component Teaching?
Since the launch of our Xceed 3D AOI machine in 2014, PARMI has been improving our programming SW consistently for user convenience. Component teaching is important because it forms the basis for accurate component inspection results, but many users find it time-consuming. Generally, the component teaching is proceeded in the order of scanning substrates, drawing ROI of components, and inputting the figure of component (size, height, etc.). Component teaching is completed by repeating these steps component by component.


2.Chip Component Teaching Automation
Existing users had to draw the ROI of all components on a panel, and repeat the complex setup process every time to register reference images. This inconvenience usually occurs in the teaching process of R chip and C chip components, and it takes a lot of time to inspect because this type of component accounts for more than 50~60% of a typical PCB assembly.
To solve this problem, PARMI automated the complex teaching process of chip components. After setting up the ROI, the process proceeds to the reference image registration  stage automatically. Therefore, complex five-step teaching processes can be simple just by drawing the component ROI.

3. Expected Effect
Human errors can occur if the operator has to manually execute all teaching processes. With this method production is delayed due to the process of debugging the component files. However, the automation of component teaching can reduce the teaching time by up to 83%. Component teaching automation enables stable operation of equipment and increases productivity.


PARMI’s Up to Date

1.Chip Component Teaching Automation
In June 2020, we automated the component teaching process to reduce teaching time. More information can be found in the release notes, and the customers who bought before June 2020 can get free software upgrades.

2.Quick Manual
For user convenience, we have added a ‚Quick manual‘ with significant UI improvements. Whenever you use various functions of AOIworks, you can check the manual without any inconvenience immediately using the Quick Manual within each setup window.

3. SW Bug Fix
The stability of the software has also been improved by implementing bug fixes.

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