[vol.18] July 2022


 Production environments require increasing levels of automation, standardization, and efficiency, and related technologies are fast evolving. The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is one of the solutions to these needs. Data analytics/management capabilities of MES provide detailed information about the manufacturing environment, which can help management make faster decisions.
 PARMI MES is a system that records the inspection status and manages quality of products inspected through SPI and AOI. Data includes equipment ID, date, time, barcode, defect code, and are organized according to customer’s needs during consultation when initially setting up the program. Inspection process can be visualized through data, and it enables diagnosis of the root cause by tracking defects.
 Based on the configuration data, user can select CSV or XML format. To support the communication method that meets the customer’s requirements, we are working on interlocking with various protocols and MES systems.

  • Protocol : SECS/GEM, TCP/IP, HTTP, WebService, FTP, etc.
  • MES : iTAC, Aegis, CFX, Hermes, etc.



PARMI Cafe Grand Open

 PARMI will be opening an in-house café in our headquarters to improve the welfare of our employees and to facilitate the convenience of our customers. The in-house café will be utilized as a space for community centers and in-house events that reflect an open corporate culture. Luxurious yet vintage wood interiors and plants provide a pleasant resting space, while outdoor terraces and wide glass windows provide a healing view with outstanding mountainous views in all seasons. A variety of drinks offered by the barista will increase visitors‘ satisfaction. It is a space for communication and relaxation where all visitors can have comfortable conversations, while acting as a work space for improved work efficiency. We hope that it is enjoyed by not only the employees but also our customers and other visitors.