[vol.34] December 2023

INTELLION PARMI is proud to introduce the INTELLION machine, a next-generation 3D AOI platform. In comparison to current 3D AOI, INTELLION enhances inspection speed through the utilization of the state-of-the-art TRCS2 sensor and achieves superior precision by incorporating the granite motion system.

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[vol.33] November 2023

PARMI AI Programming Automated complex programming process of “ALL” components! Introducing PARMI’s new innovation: AI Programming. With just one click, programming for all components is now possible. PARMI AI Lab has classified numerous SMT components based on features through over 100,000 case studies, enabling AI to identify them. Consequently, using AI’s segmentation function, components are

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[vol.32] September 2023

PARMI Partnership with Argo-Zeta PARMI is pleased to announce that we have entered into a new Sales Representative agreement with Argo-Zeta in the United States this past August. Argo-Zeta, a Sales Representative with over 35 years of experience in the United States, has established a strong reputation for serving various SMT product suppliers, including Panasonic,

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[vol.31] August 2023

ICB Inspection These days, the electric vehicle market is gradually expanding. EV batteries are composed of cells, modules, and a pack. To safely and efficiently manage the countless battery cells mounted in one EV, the cells are installed in the form of modules and packs. ICB (Inter-Connect Board) is a module that enables the cells

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[vol.29] June 2023

Coated Component Inspection Coated state PCBs after final production are subject to human errors such as dropping or breaking components during the process. PARMI Xceed (3D AOI) is capable of detect these kinds of defects and final inspection even for coated products with its focused dual laser scan method.  Although 3D distortion may occur due

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[vol.26] March 2023

AI Verification PARMI has developed AI Verification, the 4th AI solution series following AI Model Change – AI Teaching – AI OCR. AI Verification is an AI judgment automation function that replaces the operator’s secondary judgment in the Veriworks program for the primary defect inspected by AOI. Supporting components: Chip(C/R), Capacitor, Coil, Connector, IC, Diode,

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[vol.25] February 2023

PARMI Partners with FCI & Univertools   Last January, PARMI signed a new sales rep firm contract with FCI and Univertools & Services, which are well known in the Mexican market. Based on the requests of numerous Mexican customers, PARMI will directly improve customer service in order to provide faster and higher quality service. And

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[vol.24] January 2023

🎉 HAPPY NEW YEAR During the year 2022, we were able to carry out many activities for the development of the 3D SPI/3D AOI inspection machine with the support and help sent to PARMI. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and we will continue to deliver a newsletter composed of useful information on

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