[vol.1] April 2020


PARMI provides an optimal solution for efficient operation of the process to all customers. As part of this, from April 2020, a monthly newsletter will be issued in order to provide a variety of useful information.

We will deliver news about PARMI’s new technology, software update, new machine line-up, and various events every month. We hope to provide a meaningful resource about the current stage of process management by sharing PARMI’s values and accomplishments. We will try to provide high-quality information to prepare future industries for customer needs.

Newsletters will be sent every 1st and can be checked on the official website.


1. DSI(Double Side Inspection)?
AOI with flip conveyor can inspect the upper and bottom side by flipping the PCB inside the machine. With the internal flipper, it is possible to inspect quickly by minimizing unnecessary processes.

2. Function of Mixed Model
Using the function of mixed models, the model is inspected by changing the upper and bottom models automatically. Model information and inspection results are managed separately to provide accurate yield data.

3. Inspection Machine with DSI

PARMI’s Up to Date

1. Window 10 compatibility
All of PARMI’s machine has been improved to be compatible with windows 10, and Windows upgrade is supported for existing clients.

2. AOIworks UI Improvement
The UI of AOIworks S/W has been improved for user convenience.

3. SW Bug Fix
The stability of the software has been improved by fixing bugs.

※ If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on PARMI’s website.